The Paris Adventure


I have to admit, it should be pretty fascinating walking the same streets as Daumier, Manet, David, Picasso, Monet, Ingres, Van Gogh and Braque. It will also be pretty cool to go purchase artist colours at the same stores as these past greats. I leave very early in the morning, ready to pursue my project that deals with the psychological landscape. I depart without preconceived notions and I am ready for a new body of work that departs from my last 10 years. Beyond psychological landscapes, I am also thinking “reckless abandon.”  I am packed with 17 sheets of 22 x 30 inch Arches oil paper in a tube, some starter artist colors in a suitcase with my clothes, and a pack filled with essentials.

I am grateful for the sabbatical opportunity from Emory & Henry College and very grateful to Mark Baldridge who volunteers for the Virginia Atelier, which is located in the Cité.

I have been reading and reading about Paris. In fact, I likely have too many guide books in my pack. My time for studying French language has been so extremely limited.  I am not necessarily thrilled about going in January/February, but at least the cold should discourage me from spending too much time outdoors in gardens and keep me directed in the studio.

I have no way of knowing how Paris will influence me. I intend on hitting the Centre Pompidou very early on and seeing as many contemporary galleries as possible. I am excited about posting my modernist and postmodernist encounters on this blog and reflecting as much as possible.