A Departure

Truthfully, getting abruptly awakened by the alarm was a little disconcerting this morning. It’s tough to hop out of bed, shower, and load the luggage so that you can be on the road at 4:30. That’s what it takes to be 2 hours early for airport check-in when you leave in rural southwest Virginia. My wife got me to the airport on time. I survived TSA where I have and paid for TSA pre-check but they don’t? Well they sort of have a watered down version…Exactly how do they sell something they actually don’t have? So far I have been able to use it once since I got it last year. I have come to understand that it is simply another aspect of living where I do. I will say the TSA employees here are far more customer centered than, well Philadelphia immediately comes to my mind.

The flight went smoothly and I was greeted with this beautiful sunrise just after take-off. It reminded me how our atmosphere is an ocean filled with water.

I’m in Charlotte right now waiting for the next flight. I will be flying in the opposite direction for awhile. It will feel good when I’m heading in the right direction, again. All of my connections are comfortable with no need to rush. It will make for a long day.


Down to the last half hour in Chicago. It is lightly snowing. My plane is here and I’m at gate K5.