Woke Up to the City of Light

2019-1-11 picasso_goolsby-3087

To start, I pretty much had already decided that I wasn’t going to write today but here it is anyway. I may just keep it short. I was up early and rewarded with actual sunlight. Most of January has been pretty overcast.  As I looked out my window, the city was bathed in a very nice pink light. Suddenly, Impressionism wasn’t quite so magical anymore…I mean, all Monet had to do was look out of his apartment window towards the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and the entire world dissolved into beautiful reflected patterns of light, right?

I painted in the morning and it went okay. After lunch, I decided to go over to the Picasso Museum, which is a very easy walk. I knew before going that one floor was closed for installation; however, I did not know that two floors were actually closed. So I got to see the top two floors and that was it. For the world’s most extensive collection of Picasso, this was less than….ok. I made the best of it and will go back. I’m glad that it is very convenient, and I am glad I’m here for two months.

I walked around a bit and am proud to say that I am now getting familiar with the Marais District. In other words, I’m not feeling lost all of the time. One thing I will say is that the light was very bright. The sun at this time of the year (when one can see it) has a very low trajectory, so it gets in your eyes! Nevertheless, it felt great. It was a glorious day to be outdoors.

I came back to the studio and painted some more. I think the painting I am working on has ended in a good place. I will reflect on it a bit in the morning, before I post anything. Signing off for now.